PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Tollers aren't for everyone, and breeders are NOT all equal! To check out a breeder, go to K9DATA and put in the kennel name.

Look for breeders who have a lot of dogs with titles on both sides of their names and full
health clearances. Be sure you meet their dogs AND their clients. Ask for references!
You will pay no more buying from the BEST!

To check what health clearances are being done by a breeder, go to and put in the kennel name. For example, type in JavaHill and you will see the public health clearances our dogs have gotten. JavaHill believes full public disclosure is the best way to help the breed be as healthy as possible.

Learn About Tollers Keegan has a TON of information from many different countries.

The Canadian Toller Club is a great resource for Toller information. Membership is essential!

AKC information on Tollers includes information about the US Breed Standard.